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Before You Come

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Wudang Mountain Tai Chi Kung Fu School has students from all over the world travel and stay at the school as they embark upon their journey training Wudang Martial Arts. This gives the student the opportunity to immerse themselves into the lifestyle and the world of a traditional student. They are able to disconnect from the modern world, integrate into nature and traditional Taoist culture, and focus on their health and balance through practice. Wudang Mountain Tai Chi Kung Fu School is proud to be able to offer programs periodically that focus on individual styles, like 13 Step Tai Chi Fist, Health Qi Gong, and even Meditation retreats. We also run regular training that is tailor made for each individual, or group, and their specific goals. Whether coming to focus on relaxing and calming emotional imbalances, learning more about the Daoist culture, advancing your kungfu practice, gaining coordination and flexibility, detoxing the body of bad habits, or any of a multitude of reasons, the Academy has been a beacon for students to find their Way. Join us and find yours!

Thank you for being interested in attending Wudang Tai Chi Kung Fu Academy China. Please use the following Application Form to apply for training here at Wudang Tai Chi Kung Fu Academy…

Travel to the most famous Taoist mountain – Wudang Mountian, learning Chinese culture and Wudang Martial Arts in nature with the original Wudang disciple masters. We have been assisting…

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