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Daily Training

Training begins on Monday and goes until Friday every week

Training at the Wudang Mountain Tai Chi Kung Fu School continues year round and is open to students of all ages and experience levels. Our masters will teach you how to do something and they will do their utmost to help you to progress, but your actual progress all depends on your personal effort. The harder you train, the more you learn, and the better you get. We are happy to welcome people from all over the world and give them the chance to come together and add to the Wudang community, sharing the experience of learning traditional Wudang Martial Arts and immersing into Daoist and Chinese culture.

Daily Training

Daily basic training is a combination of stretching, stance training, coordination, kicking drills, light acrobatics, partner push hands work, strength training, shadowboxing, cardio, Meditation, Tai Chi walking, Cloud Hands, balance exercises, and more. This is dependent on the coaches discretion and according to the weather at the current time. Typically summer time training will place emphasis on stamina, cardio, and flexibility while winter time training will focus more on strength, balance, and power.

Training Schedule

Our training schedule changes throughout the seasons and following is the typical schedules here at the academy in Summer and Winter. The schedule can be adjusted to your personal goals, body condition and style focus. For example, it can be full time Tai Chi, or Wudang Straight Sword besides Wudang class. You should talk with your master in the beginning of your stay about your goals so you together can create the most optional training plan.

Training begins on Monday and goes until Friday every week. Daily training (for the summer schedule) starts in the morning with Qi Gong (or Tai Chi), then moves on to two main classes after Breakfast and after the lunch break, and finishes the day with a Meditation class in the evenings. For five days a week, each day is over 6 hours of training time. This gives each student the chance to focus on their training and learn aspects from not only the external basic training, but also the internal cultivating practices as well like Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Meditation.

Saturday and Sunday

For long term students Saturday afternoon and Sunday is the rest period for the weeks. Otherwise, during the training week, there is a short break in the afternoon for a rest in between training times.

During the rest day on Saturday and Sunday, students will go to Wudang Mountain Town to buy some essential items (snacks, daily necessities, etc.), taste different foods (coffee, fried chicken, western food, etc.), or travel to other tourist places in Wudang Mountain Scenic Area (Golden Palace, Prince Slope and Purple Heaven Hall etc.).