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The academy has the most primitive natural environment and is located at Nanyan Palace, inside of Wudang Mountain Scenic area. We provide students high quality full room and board, also ideal conditions to study the most traditional Daoist kung fu in Mount Wudang.

The academy has students from all over the world travel and stay at the school as they embark upon their journey training Wudang Martial Arts with Wudang diciple master. Training at the academy continues year round with the traditional training methods, students train in small groups for max 10 students / group, Scientific training time for 5.5 days a week and more than six hours a day, and is open to students of all ages and experience levels.

Primitive Natural Environment

Nanyan Palace ancient building complexin, Wudang Mountain Scenic Area, the natural oxygen bar, relax your body and mind.

Wudang Disciple Masters

All of the coaches teaching at school are wudang disciple and have gone through extensive training more than 10 years.

Traditional Styles

We teach the most traditional Wudang martial arts, Tai Chi system and other kung fu styles.


Wudang School Location

Located at the Nanyan Palace, inside of Mount Wudang Scenic area, Shiyan City …


Wudang Tai Chi School

We provide warm meals and high quality accommodation and value a friendly … 

Tuition Fees

Wudang Tai Chi School

Fees includes 3 meals everyday, training classes and training facilities …