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Academy provide warm meals and high quality accommodation

Welcome to Wudang Mountain Tai Chi Kung Fu Academy China. We were specialized in teaching the most traditional Chinese martial arts styles to foreign students. We provide warm meals and high quality accommodation and value a friendly and original natural environment where you will have the opportunity to evolve and learn, whether you are an absolute beginner or a experienced practitioner of Chinese martial arts.

Student Rooms

Our students room are hotel style and usually foreign students live with the shared double room. Every room is equipped with air-conditioner, double beds, high-speed internet access (or WIFI), the independent bathroom, 24 hours hot water, Hair dryer, towels, electric kettle and other supporting facilities, Especially our beds are equipped with electric warm system (the only school in Wudang Mountain), we can guarantee a good life in summer and winter.

If you want a private single room, you need to pay an additional cost of 200 USD per month.

Washing Facilities

Our academy provide laundry machine for free, which you can feel free to use. Clothes can be dried on the drying racks and standing bars in the school yard.

Training Grounds

Training year round at the school is conducted outside (weather permitting), cxcept for the daily Meditation course. Training mostly takes place on the ground in front of the school, sometimes we will have classes in Tai Chang Temple or Nanyan Palace, next door to the school. We have inside facilities for training during rain and cold weather as well as common place for students to relax at in between classes.

Nutrition And Meals

Tuition at the school includes accommodation as well as all meals (3 meals per Day, 7 days a week) served at the school. Every day the school serves a nutritious meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is important part of training to have a variety of fresh food so all of the food that the school served is locally grown and purchased in Wudang. For this reason, we change our dishes with the season change as different foods are harvested throughout the year.

Our meals are vegetarian and vegan friendly. There are normally three or four dishes served alongside soup and rice for lunch and dinner. One dish will be meat, most often a pork or fish dish, and one dish will be egg combined with a vegetable like tomatoes or chives. The other one or two dishes will be vegetable only. Throughout the week, we offer a variety of different vegetable dishes for each meal. Some examples are lotus root, cabbage, tofu, celery, spinach, cauliflower, and broccoli. Breakfast alternates between soup, noodles, and steamed bread each day. There are normally a few vegetable dishes as sides or the broth of the soup will be a vegetable and egg combination for the noodles.


It is not recommended to drink tapwater directly in China, unless you boil it first. The academy provides electric kettle for every room, also you can buy big bottles of drinkable pure water (about $1.5/5L) and small bottles of drinkable pure water (about $0.3/600ml) from the supermarket.