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Tuition Fees

Fees includes 3 meals everyday, training classes and training facilities

Tuition fee at Wudang Mountain Tai Chi Kung Fu School includes 3 meals everyday, kung fu(or martial arts) training classes and training facilities, accommodation with hotel-style shared double room, optional classes (like calligraphy, mandarin and Taoist Tea etc.) and certificate of achievements. To encourage longer attendance, the school offers discounts. The longer your stay, the cheaper cost per day.

We are located at Nanyan Palace inside of Wudang Mountain National park and our place is limited. In spring and summer, if you don’t book in advance, we will not have a room to arrange for you. During these months, it is best if you reserve your room 3 to 4 months in advance. Below you will find a breakdown of all of the costs by week and by month as well as transfer information for tuition. If you have any questions, please send us a message through the contact page here.

Long-Term Tuition Prices

Duration of StayCost per MonthTotal Cost
1 Month$1,280$1,280
3 Months$1,250$3,750
6 Months$1,220$7,320
1 Year$1,067$12,800

Short-Term Tuition Prices

Duration of StayCost per MonthTotal Cost
1 week$85$595
2 weeks$80$1,120
3 weeks$45$1,280

All of our prices are in US Dollars, but Euros and Pounds are acceptable as well. The prices & fees will be adjusted according to the fluctuation of Chinese commodity prices and the exchange rate.

Students who wish to study for more then one year will get an even greater discount. The price for studying 6 months includes a free basic weapon (Wudang Straightsword, Boardsword or Staff), the price for studying one year includes a free basic weapons (Wudang Straightsword, Boardsword or Staff) and 1 set training uniform (Pure handmade and customized according to your size).

The additional costs is for picking up service at Wudangshan Airport $30 (Wudangshan Train Station $20 or Shiyan Train Station $30) and a entrance ticket for the Wudang Mountain Scenic Area $35 (all people entering the scenic spot must purchase tickets). Also be mindful of other expenses that you may have to cover during your travel. For example, tickets, visas, or even souvenirs. For long term students a monthly budget of 100$ to 200$ as ‘pocket money’ is sufficient for most students to cover for extra training equipment, clothes, trips and snacks.

How To Pay?

You should pay 30% of tuition fees for making reservation then pay the rest upon you arrival at Wudang School. The best way to send funds internationally is through Bank Transfer (or wire transfer) or Western Union by your local bank or a bank that specializes in international transfers. Please follow the detailed bank information and Western Union below or email us and we can help answer any questions that you may have during the process.

Wire Transfer (or Swift Transfer)

The main, most direct, safe, and convenient option is a wire transfer of the funds to the below bank accounts through your local bank. Be sure to have everything clearly planned with the school and be sure to enter in the exact information for the bank account below. It also is advised to let the school know when you are wire transferring your tuition as well as copying a receipt and emailing it to the Academy for our records and to cross check the arrival of your transfer.

Bank Account Information

Bank Name:Bank of China
Account Name:Wang Guizhi
Account Number:574269968549
Swift Code:BKCHCNBJ600
Bank Address:Shiyan Branch, Wudangshan
Zip Code:442700
Phone Number:(0086)137 3355 6217

Our bank account can accepts USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD and other major currencies in the world. Please check over all information so that is matches before sending the transfer. If there are errors, we will not be able to receive the funds and you may have to resend the transfer and incur more fees.

Western Union

We also accept Western Union payment, you should transfer Western Union payment Online or at your local bank of Western Union agent (Here you can find agent locations). You need to send money to us for a cash pickup, then provide us the MTCN number.

Western Union Information

First Name:GUI ZHI
Last Name:WANG
Mobile Number:(0086)137 3355 6217
Address:Wudang Mountain, Shiyan City 442700, Hubei Province, China

Our Western Union account can only accepts USD and EUR. Please check over all information so that is matches before sending the transfer. If there are errors, we will not be able to receive the funds and you may have to resend the transfer and incur more fees.

Prior to sending any transfers, please coordinate with Wudang School by email us here and asking any questions. We will assist you through the process and get you applied for classes.

Notes: There is no refund for any fees paid. The academy can arrange for classes in the future in lieu of refund.