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Lee Byound, Korea, Three months Kung Fu Class

Student Name: Lee Byound

Country: Korea

Length of Training: 3 Month

Training Period: April to June, 2019

I am a junior high school student. My performance in cultural classes is good, but I don’t deal with things a lot of the time. I have poor self-care ability, and my personality is relatively introverted. I am often not valued by my teachers and classmates. My father learned about Wudang Mountain Kungfu School from the Internet, where I can not only learn martial arts, keep fit, but also cultivate my planning and self-care skills, so I came to Wudang Mountain Kungfu School during the summer vacation.

After arriving at school, I found that it is not as hot as it is in the city. I thought the conditions in the mountains were very poor. What surprised me was that the room had air-conditioning, WiFi, separate toilets, 24-hour hot showers, hair dryers, kettles and other supporting facilities.

The school also has many facilities and equipment for martial arts training, including weapon racks, sandbags, full body protective gear, hand targets, foot targets, inflatable pads for exercises, and so on. Every day we trained Wudang basic skills, practiced Tai Chi, Sanda, Xing Yi and other Wudang Forms. In the evening we will learn Chinese, painting and calligraphy courses.

In three months, I have not only learned Wudang Kung Fu, and my body is healthier. More importantly, I feel that I am valued and needed. I can handle my life independently. I have made many friends here. That kind of feeling. It’s not there before. Thank you very much to Master Xi Jing and friends from the school. I look forward to my coming back to study again.

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