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One Year Wudang Kung Fu Class

Learning Wudang Kung Fu for exercising physical skills and honing will

One Year Traditional Wudang Kung Fu Class

Admission Requirements

  • One Year Traditional Wudang Kung Fu Class is suitable for students from 13 to 65 years old.
  • Have a healthy body, no infectious diseases, no mental disorders or other major diseases.
  • Have no criminal record, and no cult beliefs.
  • Have the right mindset, love Wudang martial arts and Chinese traditional culture, respect masters and abide by school management regulations.
  • Only 7 students are admitted each year..

Training Plan

This plan can be adjusted individually to your personal body condition, preference and improvements. For example, it can be full time Tai Chi, Liang Yi or Ba Gua, or if you like one type of weapon in particular you can learn more forms of that weapon during your stay here. You should talk with your master at the beginning of your stay about your goals so you together can create the most optional training plan.

Example of Forms

TimeTraining Contents
1st MonthBasic skills, 9 Step Tai Chi, Meditation
2nd Month13 Step Tai Chi, Ba Gua Palm
3rd MonthBa Duan Jin, 64 Step Tai Chi Straightsword
4th MonthXuan Wu Fist, Five Animals Qi Gong, Tai Yi Horsehair Whisk or Fu Chen
5th MonthXiao Yao Palm, Xuan Wu Stick
6th Month18 Step Tai Chi, Liang Yi Form
7th MonthWudang Ba Gua Broadsword, Five Animals Liu He Qi Gong
8th MonthSanda, Dragon and Tiger Fist
9th Month36 Step Tai Chi, Wudang Tai Yi Five Animals Fist
10th MonthWudang Dan Straightsword, Ba Gua Through Nine Palace
11th Month64 Step Tai Chi, Wudang Tiger Broadsword
12th MonthWudang Sever Star Straightsword, Xing Yi Fist

Tuition Fee

The fees includes 3 meals everyday, accommodation with hotel-style shared double room, application fee, training classes and training facilities, optional classes (like calligraphy and mandarin etc.) and certificate of achievements.

Duration of StayCost per MonthTotal Cost
1 Year$1,067$12,800

Note: The fees doesn’t include the cost for pickup service from Wudangshan Airport (or Train Station) and the entrance ticket to the Wudang Mountain Scenic Area.

After Graduation

  • Students with outstanding morals and outstanding achievements can worship the Grandmaster Chen Xi Jing as a teacher and become an authentic Wudang Kung Fu disciple.
  • After completing your studies you will receives a certificate with the School’s official stamp before leaving. Everything mastered will be stated on it as well as the comments your master gave you under the grading.
  • Students who are interested in promoting wudang kung fu when they go home to open a kung fu school, our academy will give a lot of support.