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Papang, Thailand, 1 Month Tai Chi Class

Student Name: Papang

Country: Thailand

Length of Training: 1 Month

Training Period: July to August, 2023

I’m here to train Tai Chi for 1 month (Wudang 36 Step Tai Chi). The training atmosphere is small class and very individualized. The school is located in the middle of mountain, hence we’re truly exposed in nature – very good for Qi building. The training is both ambitious and relaxing at the same time. Apart from the training being here also integrate me into Taoist practice, which deeply intertwined with the practice of Tai Chi. One cannot exists with out another.

The accommodation is comfortable. The room is equipped with necessary amenities. One will have to bring their own towel and shampoo, shower gel, apart from these it’s all ready in the room. The room is spacious and comfortable to live in.

The school is located in the middle of mountain, hence truly expose to natural environment. Sunrise and sunset here are beautiful and there’re many places one can relax and be with oneself.

I really enjoy the food here – very delicious! There’re 3-4 options within one meal, both with meat and vegetarian friendly. The ingredients are locally sourced, most vegetable here are home- grown, hence very fresh everyday. Eating is definitely one of my favorite time of the day.

I trained with master Xi Yi . He’s a very kind, funny and experienced individual: I’ve learned a lot from him both about Tai Chi and Taoist ways of living. I truly admire how Xi Yi see the world and I’ve learned a lot from him regarding the matter. Here, I learned that Tai Chi is not just martial art but a way to understand nature, our mind and cultivate oneself to better mental and physical being.

My Chinese has improved tremendously during this one month.

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