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Golden Palace

Golden Palace or Golden Peak (金殿) or Palace of Harmony (Taihe Gong)

Golden Palace or Golden Peak (金殿) or Palace of Harmony (Taihe Gong) is located on the highest peak in Mount Wudang, Tian Zhu Peak which is about 1,613 meters high. Golden Palace was built in Ming Dynasty (1416 AD), it was made of golden material in a wooden architectural style, thus its name Golden Hall. This sacred place in Wudang Mountain is the soul and symbol of Wudang Mountain, It represented the peak time and the high position of the Taoism in the ancient royal system. so it is the must-visit place for visitors and pilgrims reaching there. And it is commonly said that one really visit Wudang Mountain only if stepping in the Palace of Harmony.

More than 600 years ago, Ming Emperor (Zhu Di) stressed the respect to nature without any change of the mountain itself. The Golden Palace was featured with royal magnificent charm and looked authentically harmonious with nature. With the impressive natural sea of clouds, sunrise and sunset, lush forests and rocks, the Palace of Harmony is like a heaven on earth.

Standing in front of the Golden Hall, visitors can have a bird’s view of the Mount Wudang. The magnificent mountains are solid, while the worship scene and the holy atmosphere make this site as the most holy land in Mount Wudang. The Golden Hall was first cast part by part, which were then riveted and welded together. The connection was precise and integrated without any marks of cast or chisel. Despite of the natural erosion and thunder hits for over five hundred years, the palace is still goldenly splendid as if it was new and is regarded as a pearl in the history of ancient architecture and casting technology in China. The Golden Hall contains a bronze statue of Zhen Wu, another name for the Northern Emperor, Beidi (Cantonese Pak Tai), a popular Daoist deity. Around the statue stand more gilded copper statues. Between them, the statues and hall represent the best in Ming copper work.

Moreover, with so many compliments, Wudang Mountain has attracted groups of specialists to feel its buildings, and they from fields of World Heritage Site, chroreutics, and architecture all marveled at Palace of Harmony and praised it as an excellent work never seen before.

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