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Nanyan Palace

The most beautiful among all the 36 Rocks in Wudang Mountain

Nanyan Palace (or South Rock Palace, Chinese word Nanyan Gong) in Wudang Mountain is listed as the national cultural relic as a famous Taoism palace. According to the related historic records, Nanyan Palace was built in Yuan Dynasty, while it was destroyed in the end of Yuan Dynasty and rebuilt in Ming Dynasty (1,413 AD). Later, the whole palace building group was expanded into 640 rooms during Qing dynasty and presented a new look in 1,862 with lots of temples. At present the whole construction and site covers about 61,187 square meters wide.

Nanyan which means south cliff may be one of the most beautiful cliffs in Mount Wudang. South Cliff is also called Duyangyan which means solitary sun cliff in China. It is the holy land for Taoist people to go to the heaven. Ancient people preferred to describe this place into one sentence “Morning bell and night lamp” to express the elaborate architectural style in this site. The temple is enshrined with gilded bronze statues of several dozen Taoist deities, including the God of Prime Origin and the North God. There are also 500 gilded iron statues of the heavenly officials on the cliffs, each about 30 cm tall. With their well-balanced proportions, they are amazingly life-like.

Also, Nanyan Palace scenic area is the most beautiful among all the 36 Rocks in Wudang Mountain. Passing the Liangyi Palace, you could see the famous “leading incense” at the “dragon head” reaching in the air. When you walk in Nanyan Palace, you could see four red Chinese characters on the cliff, which are “longevity (寿)”, “fortune (福)”, “health (康)”, and “peace (宁)”. Although those four words are so simple, they express the fair wishes of people on earth, which indicates the theory of Taoism not only in the cultivation of oneself but also on the best wishes to the world. Therefore, you could have a photo with the words when visiting Wudand Mountain and take the best wishes back home.

Wudang Mountain Tai Chi Kung Fu School is located at Nanyan Palace, inside of Mount Wudang Scenic Area.

Nanyan Palace Images