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Prince Slope

Prince Slope or called Tai Zi Po (太子坡) or Fu Zhen Guan (复真观)

Prince Slope or called Tai Zi Po (太子坡) or Fu Zhen Guan (复真观) was built in Ming Dynasty (1,412 AD) under the order of Ming emperor Zhu Di and later repaired three times in Qing dynasty. At present, 105 rooms remain covering 1600 square meters. According to the legend, the prince of Jingle State came to Wudang Mountain to cultivate himself and lived there on the slope, so it was called Tai Zi Po. Leaning the Lion Mountain, facing deep valley, near natural pool, Prince Slope looks beautiful but mysterious from afar. The winding red wall covered with green tiles climb along the rocky road up to the higher place, like rolling waves. You could walk there to feel the majesty of the royal styled architecture. Besides, in the Five Clouds Pavilion, there are 12 girders that are put on only 1 beam in the middle part. For hundreds of years, this pavilion still stands so steady, which is a big creation of Chinese history of ancient architecture on mechanics and a famous human landscape in Wudang Mountain.

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