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Purple Heaven Hall

Purple Cloud Temple, one of the best preserved palaces on Wudang Mountain

Purple Heaven Hall or Purple Cloud Temple, Chinese word Zi Xiao Gong) is located on the Zhanqi Peak in Wudang Mountain. Purple Heaven Hall is one of the best preserved palaces on Wudang Mountain, and was first built during North Song Dynasty (1,119-1,125 AD). For several times of repairmen, the whole palace building group is the largest scale well-preserved Taoism architecture in the world.

In Wudang Mountain, you could find a lot of worth-seeing items that please your eyes and also are filled with the outstanding skills of ancient Chinese people. In the Purple Heaven Hall, there are not only countless carvings and paintings of dragon, phoenix, sun, moon, clouds, thunders, sea, sky, birds and beasts, floras and plants, but also statues of Taoist immortals, which are full of colors and lifelike vigor.

And till now, there are 29 buildings, 182 rooms, with a building area of 6,854 square meters. Purple Heaven Hall is an apotheosis of construction by employing the particular physiognomy that is cragged in length while wide and plain on breadth. All the buildings are arrayed along the axis. On the axis lie the Green Dragon and White Tiger Palace, Imperial Stele Pavilion, Shifang Hall, the Grand Hall of Purple Heaven Hall and Parents’ Palace from the bottom to the top. The altitude of these building gradually rises and the axis symmetries the wing houses of each construction. And through the way of stacking tall sidesteps, the Purple Heaven Hall is divided into three sections of yard, so as to form a kind of group of constructions in which one row is upon row of the other and the primary buildings are more distinctive than the secondary ones. From a far distance, the palace has the airs of imperial worshipping rites.

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