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Monthly Qi Gong & Tai Chi Class

Bring about greater balance and health in our lives

Monthly Wudang Health Qi Gong & Tai Chi Class

Practicing Wudang Health Preserving Qi Gong & Tai Chi can help us to train our intention, internal feeling, awareness, and power in order to bring about greater balance and health in our lives.

You can come to attend Monthly Wudang Health Preserving Qi Gong and Tai Chi Class at any time (for example from April 7th to May 6th). There are no fixed starting dates, you can either arrive during the weekday or on weekends. Also you can attend this class for two months.

Admission Requirements

  • Monthly Wudang Health Preserving Qi Gong & Tai Chi Class is suitable for students from 6 to 75 years old. Students who are younger than 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult. For seniors who are 65 years old and above, you are required to be in a relatively good health condition, and have no severe illness.
  • Have a healthy body, no infectious diseases, no mental disorders or other major diseases.
  • Have no criminal record, and no cult beliefs.
  • Have the right mindset, respect masters and abide by school management regulations.

Training Plan

For one month time you can learn 1~2 Tai Chi Forms and 1~2 Health Preserving Qi Gong Forms. Of course if you want it can be full time Tai Chi or Health Preserving Qi Gong training. You can choose Tai Chi or Health Preserving Qi Gong forms what you want to learn from the following forms list according to your learning goals and physical condition. Also you can choose it under the guidance of our master after arriving at our academy.

Wellness Qi Gong Forms

– Wudang Huo Gu Qi Gong
– Five Animals Health Qi Gong
– Ba Duan Jin
– Hun Yuan Qi Gong
– Wudang Liu Zi Jue
– Tu Gu Na Xin Qi Gong
– Meditation

Wudang Tai Chi Forms

– Wudang 9 Step Tai Chi
– Wudang 13 Step Tai Chi
– Wudang 18 Step Tai Chi
– Wudang 36 Step Tai Chi
– Wudang 64 Step Tai Chi
– Wudang Tai Chi Straight Sword

Tuition Fee

The fees includes 3 meals everyday, accommodation with hotel-style shared double room, application fee, training classes and training facilities, optional classes (like calligraphy and mandarin etc.) and certificate of achievements.

Duration of StayCost per MonthTotal Cost
1 Month$1,280$1,280
2 Months$1,280$2,560

Note: The fees doesn’t include the cost for pickup service from Wudangshan Airport (or Train Station) and the entrance ticket to the Wudang Mountain Scenic Area.

After Graduation

After completing your studies you will receive a certificate with the School’s official stamp before leaving. Everything mastered will be stated on it as well as the comments your master gave you under the grading.